The Future Cities Academy allows policy makers and practitioners to be recognised for their knowledge and effort in advancing the role that technology and data can play in generating economic, social and environmental value for our communities.

The Academy is underpinned by a professional development program to help participants build their knowledge and skills in smart cities.

The Smart Cities Practitioner Certificate is a central part of the program. This is the only recognition for individuals to demonstrate their commitment in shaping more liveable, workable and sustainable cities, towns and regions by using technology and data as an enabler.

This Academy will be delivered online, with in-person opportunities for those attending WCIT in person. There will be three modules delivered:


The Fundamentals

This module provides the foundation knowledge on the what and why of smart cities. The topics covered include:

  • Definition – this is where it starts, and where our mindset on smart cities is calibrated!
  • Benefits – this is all about the ‘why?’
  • Standards – are a very powerful tool for building consistency, opportunity and scaling of smart cities solutions
  • Framework – how do you ‘do’ smart cities…. breaking it down for quick action, and long-term value
  • Enablers – learn about the seven core technology and data enablers


Action Essentials

This module provides knowledge and insights on building the conditions for smart cities success. The topics covered include:

  • Governance and Leadership – the strategic enablers for organisational commitment and action
  • Procurement – the often-challenging world of procurement needs creative ideas for ongoing change
  • Funding and Financing – considered one of the biggest barriers, how can we build new opportunity to attract investment
  • Capacity and Resourcing – who needs to know what about smart cities?
  • Project Creation – your ‘jump-start’ guide to mobilising a project



An additional Foundation Module will be required to qualify for a practitioner certificate. Participants will have the opportunity to choose from one of two choices for their third module. These include:

  • Data Leadership – the five ‘vitals’ for data leadership: Purpose, Privacy, Security, Ethics and Governance
  • The Sustainable Development Goals and Smart Cities – how can your smart cities effort embed the global SDG’s as outcomes

Each of the modules are two hours in duration, delivered online and comes with an assessment. In total, there will be 6 hours of workshop.

All three modules are priced at AUD395 but to commemorate the launch of the Future Cities Academy ASEAN, the first 100 sign-ups for the full 6 hours of module will be at no additional cost when you purchase the conference tickets now.