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Lee Tuthill

Counsellor, Trade in Services and Investment Division,
World Trade Organization (WTO)


Lee Tuthill is a senior staff of the WTO responsible for telecommunications, ICT services, and electronic commerce. In these areas, she follows policy, regulatory practices, and trends in technology and business models. She is responsible for keeping current on how ICT trade and e-commerce developments relate to the WTO and General Agreement on Trade in Services (GATS).

She frequently conducts multi-stakeholder national and regional workshops on E-commerce work taking place within the WTO.

For many years, she has also provided technical assistance to telecommunications/ICT regulators on implementation of GATS provisions (including the disciplines of the GATS Annex on Telecommunications and the Reference Paper commitments on sector regulation.

She also helps governments who are negotiating WTO accession or free trade agreements with the technical aspects of drafting their commitments in the sectors she covers.

She has worked at the WTO since 1990 and graduated from Columbia University in 1980 with a Master’s in International Affairs.