WCIT2020 is the 24th edition of World Congress on Information Technology and it returns to Malaysia, the gateway to Southeast Asia with 4,000 visionaries, captains of industry, government leaders and academics that span across 100 countries.


Billions of online connections between people, businesses, information, data, infrastructure, devices and even processes are changing everything, driving more innovations than was ever possible. Is your business accelerating at the same speed? Are you shifting your strategies and measuring the impact of the competition well? This changing landscape is a world of opportunities – make digital economy relevant to you.


WCIT2020 Malaysia is the gateway to Southeast Asia; the establishment hub of a progressive society, a contributor to the scientific and technological civilization of the future.

Host to the world’s fastest growing Internet market, Southeast Asia drives almost 3.8 million new users online every month. By 2020, the total number of Internet users will reach 480 million and by 2025, our digital economy is estimated to worth nearly $200 billion, 6.4 times increase from that of 2015.

Some of the biggest areas of growth include energy tech, blockchain and distributed ledger, artificial intelligence, life sciences and deep tech.

In the last few years, venture capital fundraising has accelerated, and advances in the development of e-payment solutions, internet infrastructure, delivery networks, and consumer trust in online transactions have improved. The quest for growth through technology and globalisation of Malaysia and Southeast Asia is going to be a journey measured by speed and leadership.


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